Partner Conflict

Conflicts between partners are very frequent. It usually involves a personal and economic conflict of great importance for people and, often, for the company.

At GuerraMercadal we propose a preventive strategy through statutes and shareholder agreements. These agreements allow the partners to know in advance what will be the exit that they themselves foresee in the event of a conflict. These preventions are not only applicable when creating the company, they are also throughout the life of the company.

Our firm has developed knowledge of the content and structure of statutes and agreements throughout conflicts between persons. Many times our clients did not foresee the possibility of conflict, when a change of era arrived they found that the rules that they had granted themselves were not useful to resolve this new scenario.

The GuerraMercadal team has also had the appropriate forum in the Courts of Justice to update expertise on the matter, being great specialists in litigation in these conflicts.


Guerra Mercadal offer the following Partner  Conflict services

Supreme Court

Constitutional Court

The Hague Court

Arbitration: vocation for private conflict resolution