Business, Family, Criminal, Personal

Advocating for Clients since 1996

GuerraMercadal offers a comprehensive, coordinated, personalized and global advocacy service of quality.

Hence, from the beginning, it developed the association of professionals Globus Ius Advocati, in the countries with the most influence and interest in the economic and business order.

About Us

We believe in fare justice for all and it is our mission to provide world class service to all.

Since 1996, GuerraMercadal has provided legal and financial advice to individuals, corporations, government entities and NGOs, who place their trust in us to achieve their goals.

Our results make us proud and are due to the trust of our clients, which we appreciate, and to the work and personal commitment of Cristina, Antonio, José María, María, Blanca, Sara, Raquel, Alfonso, Júlia, Anetta and Pepe.

Our results support us

We resolve around 700 issues a year, with an annual increase in issues of 12%. Of these procedural and extra-procedural matters, we achieved a qualified or complete success rate of 74.50%.*

Regarding our financial results, the yields of the financial investments advised by GuerraMercadal obtain close to 20% per year, corresponding to the average results obtained by the clients of our Family Office.

*Average of the results obtained in the last 5 years.